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Every country has its own check-list of requirements.  Get Married Away will take all the time necessary to advise and refer you to all current requirements as you decide on a destination for your ceremony.  Couples who have experienced prior divorce or widowhood should be prepared to provide documented proof.  To avoid extra paperwork and the cost of translation services, some couples elect to have a legal wedding at home prior to travel, followed by a celebratory ceremony in destination. 
Choose the option that is best for you!



Destination weddings or “weddingmoons” have become so popular that most venues recommend that ceremonies be booked 1.5 years in advance.  Good preparation allows for less opportunity for disappointment.  You’ll have the property of your dreams – and your family and friends will be thrilled with your choice.  If you have a shorter lead time, don’t despair! 
Get Married Away will work diligently to find the best possible location to meet your criteria.



Imagine the people with whom you’d like to spend a very special week (more or less). 
For some couples, this will be a dozen or fewer people for an intimate time of celebration.
For others, invited guests will number in the 10’s to the 100’s. 
As a general rule, the larger the group, the more lead time you will need to book enough space.
You will want preliminary invitations to go out early enough so you can gauge your almost-certain numbers of guests/rooms required.



In this event, we will work with you for the best possible outcome.  Suppliers are understandably strict with cancellations.  Insurance is highly recommended at time of deposit.  If the reason for cancellation is not covered by travelers’ insurance plans, or if they are uninsured, suppliers may allow a credit toward future travel.  However, this is often discretionary and is not the norm.  We will make all wedding guests aware of cancellation penalties, and work with the bride and groom to mitigate potential losses as much as possible if a wedding date must be changed or cancelled.



Generally, this plan will incur extra expense to access your property for guests who elect to stay off-site.
Off-site guests also cannot contribute to the numbers success of your group, as suppliers often require minimum numbers of guests in order for bride and groom to benefit from certain perks such as travel credits or free nights.  It is best when all guests take advantage of the negotiated group rates and early booking bonuses that everyone enjoys when everyone books with Get Married Away.



Absolutely!  Get Married Away  will work with families who need to accommodate all the generations.  In the case of children who live with one or neither parent, we will advise on travelling with the appropriate paperwork for customs.



This is a personal choice.  The bride and groom would generally cover the trip cost for their photographer (or for other participants such as musicians or an officiant). 
On-site photographers may be arranged also.   When importing your own photographer, please be aware that extra resort fees may apply for this privilege.



The best response to this question is that it depends on the destination and resort.  Share with us the experience you are looking for, and we will match your vision to several options.



Generally speaking, if you place a high value on sunshine and warmth while avoiding major storms:
Caribbean & Central America – December to May
Europe – April to October
South Pacific – year round



We certainly can – anything from scuba to catamarans to special entertainment and more!  A group activity is a great way to surprise your guests and thank them for being part of your marriage day.



Honeymoons need less lead time.  If you know where you would like to honeymoon, contact Mary or Michele as soon as possible for best time to book: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If you’re not sure yet, we would love to show you some exciting options!



You have many options with travel agents.  We’re so glad you found us!  It is our pleasure to walk through all the processes with you.  We are here for you every step of the way.  When you bring your business to us, we commit our best service to you and your guests. 
Guests travelling from different gateways or countries – no problem!  People with special needs – we are your advocate!  Dealing with tight budgets – we will never pressure you.
Our highest priority is that your wedding/honeymoon in destination will be all that you dream it can be!




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